If you’re here, you must be wanting to know more about Simply Social You  – why I created it and how it can help YOU.

Fair enough!

My name is Deborah Watson-Novacek, and I’m a Social Media Marketing Educator and Coach!

I specialize in teaching people just like you about social media marketing and how it can help them succeed in their small business!

Just Point Me In The Right Direction…

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THIS Is What I Believe!

I believe that ignoring, or worse – abusing – social media will cost you your business. Our customers are no longer just local; they are all around the world. Our audience is made up of real people, and every interaction is an opportunity build a relationship and give value. We’re not here to sell, we’re here to listen to problems and share solutions. Social media is a conversation to be enjoyed. We are here to engage, enhance, entertain and educate.

I believe that everything should be made as easy and straightforward as possible to help you make sense of the constantly changing world that is social media marketing. No jargon. Simple techniques. The best tools, tips, and tricks.

I believe in transparency and authenticity – what you see here will be real and true always.

I believe in the importance of community. People are infinitely diverse, and there is strength in that diversity We will share ideas. We will collaborate. We will ask for and give help. We will share our ideas, our enthusiasm, and our skills. We don’t judge others; we lift them up. We will use our power to empower others.

I believe in giving back. To your family and friends. To your community. To the world. Pay it forward. Support causes you believe in. Support causes others believe in. Share the blessings that you have received and you clear the way to receive even more!

I believe that all you have is your reputation. Be honest. Be true to yourself. Do your best. Honor your commitments. Respect yourself and others. Always, always be kind.

I believe we are the stewards of our planet, and so we need to be more conscious of how we use our natural resources. Use less. Make more of what you have. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Plant more trees. Drive less, walk more. Buy locally. Shop responsibly.

I believe it’s important to invest in yourself – in your education, your community, your family. Investing in yourself will be the most profitable investment you ever make. Investing in both personal and professional growth is the surest way to achieve a better quality life. To be successful. To be productive. To be happy.

I believe we are all capable of so much more than we think. Most people never scratch the surface of what they’re capable of! Being successful in social media is not about being the world’s greatest expert; it’s about being expert enough to accomplish YOUR goals.

I believe we should:

  • Make more real friends – both online and off!
  • Build a lifestyle that nurtures and supports us
  • Be able to laugh at ourselves
  • Try new things and see what happens
  • Never stop learning
  • Smile often (even if nobody can see us)

Still Curious About Me?

  • I love nature. I even earned my BA in Environmental Biology!
  • I love all things ancient and mysterious. (Or even NEW and mysterious!)
  • I am absolutely obsessed with beautiful stationary, stickers, washi tape, planners, and journals!
  • I am a connoisseur of all things chocolate.
  • I love to read – fiction, non-fiction – love it all.
  • I have always had a love of learning, and am never without a course in progress!
  • I believe that even small random acts of kindness and “paying it forward” can change the world in big ways!
  • If you’ve made it the entire way through this page, YOU are definitely a soulmate! We have lots in common!

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