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33 Video Marketing Ideas You Can Use for Any Niche

33 Video Marketing Ideas

Video Marketing Ideas – They’re Everywhere!

Video marketing ideas or topics really are EVERYWHERE around you, but sometimes you just need a little help brainstorming some ideas that work for you and your particular business niche.

To get you started, here are 33 creative video marketing ideas you can use to jump-start your video marketing efforts!

Product Descriptions

A really great way to use video for your business is to describe each product that you want to promote. Hold up the product and talk about its ingredients or materials, or how it works!

Testimonial Videos

Nothing is more powerful than a testimonial video! Ask your customers to provide you with a testimonial video instead of a written video and be amazed.

(Tip: To get the ball rolling, why not offer to swap testimonial videos with another direct sales representative!  She can review one of your products, and you can do the same for her!)

Personal Video Messages

Sometimes, even if your point is business, it’s okay to get personal in your videos. People like to get to know you. Show yourself on vacation, or enjoying family time. Your clients will love it!

Talk About a Newsy Item

Pick something from your niche that is related to what you do, affects your business and is in the news to talk about. You can then tell your viewers what you think about the news bit!

(Tip: You can set up a Google Alert to help you come up with these news items!)

Question & Answers

This is always a very popular way to create a quick video. Anytime you get a client or potential customer question, turn it into a quick 2-minute video!

Document a “Day in the Life”

No matter what your niche or product is, people are curious about what you do in a day for your business. Why not document it, speed it up, and put it to music? Your viewers will love it!

Say Thank You

Everyone likes to hear “thank you”, including your viewers. Taking time out at least once in a while to tell them thank you will go far in them wanting to continue to watch you.

3 Tip Videos

You want your videos to be short and to the point while getting a good message across. Three thing videos or three tips videos are perfect for any niche.

Shout Outs

Are you super impressed by someone in your niche or even someone who sells another product that you love?

Shout out to them and name them by name and let them know how you feel about them!

Be Random

Sometimes not even having a plan and just letting nature take its course is a great idea. Start talking and see what happens. You may create your very best and most-watched and most informative video yet!

Instructional Videos

Whether you have products or services, instructional videos are very popular ways to market your business. It doesn’t really matter what you want to teach someone; put it together!

For example, you can teach someone how to apply a certain type of makeup, or how to apply a wrap!

How To Videos

Do you sell a service?  While some people worry about “giving away the farm”, I think you can do “how to” videos that show people how to do what YOU do for pay, and they’ll STILL hire you because they don’t want to do it.

And they’ll probably be super-impressed at your skill!  Yes, a few may go on to do it themselves, but you can bet they’ll recommend you to others!

Product Teasers

Is your company changing catalogs or have a new product coming out?

If so, create short thirty-second teasers about the new product or service to whet the appetite of your customers.

Do Interviews

You can both give interviews to other movers and shakers in your industry or you can be interviewed about what you do or what you sell!  Either way; do it and record it as a video!

For example:  Interview your upline for the story of how they got started in their business. Interview your colleagues or other sales reps as to how they setup for an event.  Ask your personal trainer to give her opinion on your diet supplements.

So many great opportunities to both create great videos AND build your relationships!

(Tip: If an interview is especially long, it can become more than one video!)

Get Personal

Is something really affecting you that you want to tell your audience about, that is both personal and somehow business related?

Maybe you want to donate to a charity, or you’re going to run a marathon. Whatever it is, your viewers will want to know.

Let’s Train

Are you a leader in your company, or perhaps you’ve just started to build a team?  Either way, you and your group can all benefit from training videos on subjects related to your particular business!

And – if there are others who are perhaps on the fence about joining your team or company, they’ll get to know and like you from your videos and want to join you in your business!

Coaching Minute

This is kind of like the question & answer format, but instead you choose one thing to focus on for just one minute.

For example – focus on one problem or pain point your customer might have. Do they have dry skin, or need help applying brow liner?  Make a quick video and show how YOUR product can solve their problem!

Everyone can watch a video for one minute and you can teach a LOT in one minute!

Be Funny

Change the special effects for your video to make it look like a cartoon. Add in some sort of special effect or graphic or stickers or costume!

I, myself, have been known to dress up in a tiara, pink elbow length gloves, and a flashy pink boa to talk about Perfectly Posh!  And the feedback I’ve gotten is WONDERFUL, so I love taking the opportunity to be silly whenever I can

(Tip: This video marketing idea also works really well during various holidays. You can do something really unexpected on April Fool’s Day. Who knows; it could go viral!)

Make a Music Video

Speaking of being a little bit silly….

Lip sync to part of your favorite song. Have a mini dance party.  Have your friends or family do something silly with music in the background. So many things you can do!

Again, this is a great way to become really memorable! (In a good way!)


Instead of doing a text post, or a simple graphic post, asking people if they want a product sample, do a video!

Showing people what they’ll actually be getting is a GREAT way to encourage people to give you their contact information!

Run A Contest

Create a short video that lets your audience take part in a contest with a prize for the winner.

How many Styrofoam peanuts in the jar? Or lip balms, or bracelets, or whatever.  Maybe encourage them to enter into a scavenger hunt or get an entry into a drawing for submitting a testimonial.

(Tip: You’ll also be able to shoot another video where you announce the winner!)

Tell Us What You Stand For/Are Against

Are you vegan, and do your products represent that?  Do you believe in helping women around the world earn a good living from their art?  Do you believe that good products should not be tested on animals?

Pick out something you believe in (or are against) and share that with your viewers. Chances are there are people out there who agree with you!

Ask A Question

This is a GREAT opportunity to get your viewers involved – which helps them get to know, like and trust you – AND learn a lot about your customer base at the same time.

Again – reaching out to people about their pain points or problems will help you serve them better.  Do they need gluten free products? Are they sensitive to scent?  What is the most important thing to them when they choose a product – price, colors, sizes, selection?

What is their biggest skin care problem? What makes them feel pampered and beautiful?

The list goes on and on…!

This Day In History

Is today “International Lavender Day?” If so, tie that in with your products and create a great video on what lavender can do for your audience and which of your products have lavender in them!

You get the idea – use a fun current event to draw attention!

Happy Birthday Shout Out

At the beginning of each month you can do a special “Birthday Shoutout” and let people know of any special birthday bargains your company has, or tell them that they can message you for a free sample or discount in honor of their birth month.

Share Your Upcoming Events

Let people know when and where they can come see you in person! Even better, do a little live streaming from your table or booth while the event is taking place!

Common Mistakes/Misconceptions

Do you hear the same misconceptions about your products over and over again? Make a video about them and let people have real information to base buying decisions on.

Inspirational/Motivational Quotes

Your video doesn’t have to be long to be effective.  Take 30 seconds to share a great quote – it will REALLY stand out from all the graphic quote posts out there!


Do you sell a makeup, skin care or fitness product? Film a series of makeover videos showing before and after results of using your products.

Sell fashion items? Show how your jewelry can really upgrade an outfit! Film yourself or others showing off some of your great leggings!

Share A Hack

Have you come up with a unique way to use your product? Share it with your audience!  (This is one of my favorite video marketing ideas!)

Share A Milestone

Is your business anniversary coming up, or have you been promoted in your company? A great video marketing idea is to share the news!

(Tip: Share the event, but don’t make it all about you! Find a way to work a giveaway into the mix, or to give your viewers a piece of actionable information. Or even – make it all about them and make it a big ‘Thank You’ video!)

Create A Challenge

A challenge series is a great way to get yourself in front of viewers for a set amount of time!

Come up with challenge that is related to your industry or business in some way – for example, a physical challenge for those with supplement products.

Website/Facebook Page/Social Media

Use this video marketing idea to let your fans know ALL the places you hang out and make it easy for them to find you!

Additional Tips!

Get Started NOW

You probably have all the technology you need to get started RIGHT NOW! (Hint: It’s your smartphone!)  Now that you’ve got all these video marketing ideas, you have no excuses!

Write ‘Em Down!

Use an app such as Evernote or a special journal to help you keep track of all the video marketing ideas you come up with. Once you get started, you’re going to come up with a LOT of great ideas, so it’s important that you capture them quickly so that you don’t forget.

Get Started With Video Marketing!

Are you STILL asking yourself why video marketing is important? If so, check out this article and I know you’ll be convinced: The Importance of Video Marketing – 8 Reasons To Start NOW!  

But really – You KNOW you need to be creating video content and making it an integral part of your social media marketing plan!

Hopefully, these video marketing ideas have gotten you thinking about all the different ways YOU can use video to market your business.

So go for it! Don’t be afraid; you already have what it takes. You’re already a video marketing expert!


Disclosure of Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


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