The Ultimate Guide To Powerful Facebook Pages

The Ultimate Guide To Powerful Facebook Pages

How To Build POWERFUL Facebook Pages

Are your Facebook Pages powerful? Are they helping you reach your target audience and create sales for your business?

Anyone can stick content on a Facebook Page.  BUT – not anyone can create Facebook Page content that turns the Page into a powerful business tool that feels like sheer entertainment combined with rich resources for its target reader!

If the latter is what YOU want to do, simply follow these six easy steps to make your page sizzle.

Step 1: Know The Goal For Your Facebook Pages

It is paramount to make your Facebook Page goal the core of your Facebook Page persona and strategy.

Don’t just know what you want your Page to accomplish – know why.  This means asking yourself questions like:  “Is this the best use of my Facebook Page?”

Decide in advance what types of content best support your goal.  Even if you turn out to be wrong about one or two types (which often happens), you’ll still be several steps further ahead of your competition.

Adjusting and tweaking based on fan response is what creating a wildly successful Page is all about.

Step 2: Study Your Competition

If you want a crash course in what is most likely going to work for your particular type of Facebook Page and niche, study the Facebook Pages of your closest competitors.  Try to determine what their goals seem to be.  Make actual notes about:

  • What works for your competitor (“Likes” and comments)
  • What doesn’t (i.e. reaping zero interaction)

Take screen snapshots, if you have screen capture software like Camtasia or Snagit so you can refer back to highly relevant examples.  Keep a “Competitor Analysis” file.

The Ultimate Guide To Powerful Facebook Pages

Pay particular attention to the types of posts that work best for your competitors. After you’ve created your Page, see how these types fare with your particular audience.  Are you getting the same high interaction level as your competitor?  If not, why not?

Step 3: Create Quality Content

Share-ability helps expand that all-important “Reach” like nothing else.  Here are post types that are always evergreen – and “hot”:

  • Beautiful or inspiring graphics
  • Graphics containing witty, inspirational, clever or arresting text messages
  • Infographics
  • Touching, funny or helpful videos
  • Links to content that currently deeply concerns your reader
  • Links to hot niche or topic news
  • Links to or posts about current niche changes
  • Page niche- or topic-related cartoons
  • Anything that pleases the reader
  • Direct requests to “pass on” posts
  • Questions:  E.g. “Have you ever….”

The Ultimate Guide To Powerful Facebook Pages


And here’s what is “not” (hot, that is…)

  • Petulant comments that feel aimless or unanswerable (e.g. “SO bored.”)
  • Repetitive boasting (e.g. “This hot mama is lookin’ good today!”)
  • Fluff – especially spammy-feeling fluff (e.g. “We have fifteen varieties of ketchup!”)

Notice that word “repetitive”:  Everyone has a bad day or feels they look extra hot occasionally, but not only do you need to ask yourself if the comment you feel like posting is going to help your business or edify your readers, you also need to ask yourself is it too repetitive?  Do you often complain about your chronic arthritis?  Are you always boasting about the number of crunches you did or how hot your muscles look?

Here’s a tip:  If you are going to boast or showcase at all, showcase your fans or fan accomplishments.


The Ultimate Guide To Powerful Facebook Pages


And here’s the big secret many business owners never get:

  • You can turn any post into a “Like” – or comment-generating machine by adding a call to action.

The Ultimate Guide To Powerful Facebook Pages


Finally, create a mix of content types.  Make sure there’s something for everyone following your Page (at least until you know your audience, inside out).

Step 4: Optimize Your Cover Area

Don’t just focus on your posts – remember that you can also utilize your Cover area if you think of each element as “content”.

1. Your Cover Photo

Change this often.  Not only will your new Cover Photo appear in your stream (and in the streams of fans), it will also attract the attention of Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm.  Your Page will be noted as active, and you will generate more shares.

Not only can you feature Cover photos that support your business branding and persona, you can also use it to:

  • Entertain your fans – prompting them to share
  • Include 20% text
  • Capture fan attention to changes
  • Publicize events, new apps or contests

2. Your Profile Photo

Keep it updated and make sure it reflects your Page’s main persona and/or message

3. Your “About” Description

As content goes, your “About” description is important.  Encapsulate what you feel is most important to share with your readers in one simple sentence.  Point them to other sites you own (or to apps).  Set fans up to expect what you want them to expect on your Page.

4. Your Apps

Apps are a great way to encourage shares and create interaction – the latter being the lifeblood of Facebook Pages.

App tabs can also send people directly to list sign-up offers.

The Ultimate Guide To Powerful Facebook Pages


Step 5: What NOT To Do

What not to do on your Facebook Pages involves basic common sense.  It’s the Ten Commandments, with the odd, customized twist:


  • Vent – unless your business persona is all about conflict and confrontation
  • Post personal content – unless your business persona is all about family life or personal, self-help type issues
  • Use material you don’t own the copyright for – unless you are a featuring a Fan post, that is
  • Stray off topic – unless it is to acknowledge current events of huge importance to your fans (and even then, decide first whether or not plunging into these waters could possibly hurt your page)
  • Ignore fan questions – your “Likes” and “Shares” will remain at zero for those posts

The Ultimate Guide To Powerful Facebook Pages


  • Post repetitive posts – at the risk of repeating ourselves, no one wants to hear that your bunion is aching.  Again.
  • Forget your Page – interaction will drop off
  • Embarrass your fans – and one of the biggest ways you can embarrass them lies in ignoring highly personal comments they’ve made, generated with emotion
  • Post irregularly – Post regular as clockwork, or else designate some other team member or employee to be the “face” of your company
  • Miss opportunities – When a fan asks for information, it’s the perfect opportunity to point them to your landing pages, blogs or website.


Step 6: Track Your Facebook Posts

Even if you feel your Facebook Page is “going great”, tracking should be a natural part of your strategy.

There are two types of tracking:  Informal – glancing at your Page and posts and noting how various posts are doing – and formal:  i.e. using Facebook Insights or other stats apps and sites.

No matter what method you use, it’s all about tracking how much interaction each type of “feature” or post generates. Do this both by simply glancing at your “Likes” and shares under the post… and by studying more in-depth information in your Facebook Insights dashboard.

For example, say you run a weekly Poll and a “Most Inspirational Photo of the Week”:  If you were to see this result for the “Most Inspirational Photo of the Week”…

The Ultimate Guide To Powerful Facebook Pages

…And this result for your weekly Poll…

The Ultimate Guide To Powerful Facebook Pages

…You might rightly conclude that your Poll popularity far exceeds your Photo of the Week (perhaps to your surprise).

This can tell you many highly relevant facts about the people you are engaging.  For example:

  • This particular group most likely does not consist of visual learners
  • You are choosing photos that don’t inspire this group
  • Your polls more accurately reflect their interests
  • Your polls are capturing their attention better than your weekly photos

You can confirm these deductions by checking your Facebook Insights and going through past posts to pick out common patterns.  In fact, you could even run a poll about your Weekly Photo to find out why certain posts do – or don’t – incite more likes.

How To Check Facebook Insights Data

Using Insights couldn’t be easier, once your Page is up and running, with more than 30 “Likes” and a stream of posts established.

1. Click on the “Insights” tab at the top of your Page.”

The Ultimate Guide To Powerful Facebook Pages


2. Notice you are taken directly to your “Overview” section. Below it is a vertical menu with tabs. Each tab will allow you to access unique, specific data.

The Ultimate Guide To Powerful Facebook Pages


Now It’s YOUR Turn!

There are endless combinations of metrics you can explore through Insights, but posting quality, targeted content and paying attention to post success and fan engagement will help you ensure your Facebook Pages are right on target – every time!

Have a question (or two!)? Or maybe a tip about what works well on YOUR Facebook Pages? Share these with us in the ‘Comments’ section below!


Disclosure of Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


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