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How To Get More Traffic With Your Social Media Marketing Plan!

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How do you craft a social media marketing plan to get more traffic?

I’ll be honest. This is a lot of work and involves a lot of little moving pieces. You can leverage your efforts and get the best result with a solid strategy, an effective plan, and the right tactics. You also won’t get sucked in and waste time when you have a plan!

Let’s look at what a social media marketing plan for maximum traffic might look like.

Update Your Social Media Platform Profiles

Ensure that all your profiles are up to date and branding is consistent throughout all platforms.

Don’t skimp here because people will look at your profile and if it’s not up to date they’ll notice. You want them to look at your profile and be blown away by your awesomeness.

Determine the Promotions You’re Having

Look at promotions that you already know that you’re going to have and make a list of the content that you need to create for the promotion.

It’s okay to start with blog posts, and other informational content like Live Video, Recorded Video, and other types of content like that. Then you can add on the social media component later.

Find Out What Industry Events Are Happening

So that you can also add in trending information find out what events are happening so that you can promote those too.

Even if they’re not your events, and even if you’re not personally going, it’s going to look like current information even if you created the link far in advance.

Determine Your Goals & Objectives

Think about what you want to achieve with your social media content. Do you want more likes on your Facebook Page?

Even though your goal is more traffic, understand that more likes will bring more traffic. Be very specific about your goals so that they’re trackable and measurable.

Conduct an Audit of Your Social Media

Find out how you’re doing now by conducting an audit of how your social media is performing now. This will be your starting point, so those numbers are important, so you can see how your efforts make a difference.

Identify & Find Movers & Shakers

One way to get more attention on social media is to call out movers and shakers from your industry. Tag them when you share their work, tag them when you share something you think they’ll find interesting.

Identify & Find Your Audience

Find people to follow using the search feature on the social platform you’re using. If it’s permitted go ahead and follow or friend people who are within your audience demographics.

Develop a Content Calendar for Each Platform

Now that you know what you want to promote and what your goals are, create a content calendar for each platform so that you can ensure that it all goes together.

You can use one big spreadsheet to include your blog, plus all the different social networks you’re part of.

Use Social Media Management Software

Determine the bests social media management software for you to use based on features and price. Any form of automation is going to help but some are better than others, so you’ll need to pick based on your needs.

Test Everything

As you move forward with the plan, once it’s implemented, be sure to find out if it’s working by looking at the analytics.

Even if you normally go by what’s happening to your bank account it’s a good idea to find out exactly what is having the best effect, so you can do more of that and drop activity that isn’t working.

Get More Traffic With A Plan!

Crafting an effective social media marketing plan to get more traffic might seem daunting at first. But, once you set up a process you’ll end up enjoying more engagement, more traffic, and more money in your bank account because more eyes are on your offers.

Share With Us: Do YOU currently have a social media plan in place to get more traffic? If not, why not? Share with us in the ‘Comments’ section below!

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