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How To Get Started With Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

More and more social media marketing is becoming “pay to play”.  That’s right – social media advertising is becoming more and more important to business!

As social media platform creators try to find more ways to please their audience while also balancing how people do business on their platforms they are seeking to increase the barriers to entry to cut down on spam and provide their audience with a better experience.

Thankfully, social media advertising works!

Get Started With Social Media Advertising

You can run ads on most social platforms now but the best one to try out first is Facebook.

The main reason is that you know for a fact your audience is there, in fact, more than a billion users can see your advertisement, and they have amazing targeting tools, plus it’s not too expensive.

You can, in fact, get started with Facebook Ads for about 10 bucks. 10 bucks!

More Reasons To Advertise On Facebook!

Very Effective

When surveyed by eMarketer.com most business owners who use social media marketing successful stated that in their opinion Facebook was the most effective when it came to advertising.

One reason is the vast amount of information that Facebook collects on its users. Facebook knows everything you discuss, like share, and how you engage on social media. They use that information in their advertisement set up, so marketers can laser target their audience.

Super Easy

The platform is very easy to figure out, in fact, they lead you through it step-by-step so there is little chance that you’ll mess it up.

But even if you’re not sure how to use the system there are numerous groups on Facebook with experienced marketers who share their tips. It won’t harm you to test it out on your own though since it’s so inexpensive.

Laser Targeting

The targeting on Facebook Ads is out of this world. You can target down to the smallest segment of your audience. You can do remarketing ads simply with the Facebook pixel installed on your website, and so much more.

They also have something called look-alike ads where you upload a mailing list and Facebook chooses “like” audiences.


The way your ads look is easily customizable. They offer a lot of different choices for the types of ads and they’re always adding more options.

You can have image ads, video ads, text ads, boosted posts and more.

Facebook Updates Often

They are always trying to improve what they offer businesses.

While Facebook’s primary audience is the general users, part of their audiences is now always business owners and they are working hard to help small businesses promote their offerings in simple ways.


Due to their amazing targeting, and all that Facebook offers, the ad price is very reasonable and even inexpensive.

Since it’s all trackable and measurable you can know what type of ads are working for your audience in a glance, and you can start with a very low budget to test an advertisement before you invest more money.

At least for now, Facebook advertising is probably the first place you should go to try out advertising. You can get in inexpensively and since the system is simple to use you won’t have to be a programmer to figure it out. If you want to pay someone to help, there are a lot of experts to be had as well.

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